Recognized expertise

Several academic and private studies have been or are being undertaken at the CIC 1417: 

- Research into new vaccines: Vaccine to prevent invasive enteric infection caused by Shigella in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur, Preventive HIV vaccine included in the ANRS research programs, Vaccine to prevent staphylococcal infections, Preventive influenza vaccines, Vaccine therapy in melanoma, AIDS, and lung cancer.

Optimizing the vaccination of persons with defective immune systems:

- Optimization of vaccines in subjects with altered immune response:

  • HIV infected patients: Hepatitis A and B, pneumococcus, papillomavirus, yellow fever vaccination
  • Patients treated with immunosuppressors: chronic inflammation disease, cancer, elderly and newborn organ transplant recipients.

During the H1N1v influenza pandemic, the CIC was particularly involved in the evaluation of pandemic vaccines for high risk populations prone to severe influenza such as pregnant women, patients with cystic fibrosis, HIV positive patients, patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia or solid tumor and hospital staff.

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