The Cochin-Pasteur


In the field of vaccinology, CIC 1417 has the skills to initiate, carry out or collaborate in the implementation of biomedical research according to the request of the initiator of the project, from the initiation to the development of the results obtained.

CIC 1417 can help or support the various stages of biomedical research
from upstream of the trial to the end of the trial


Search for funding


Drafting of study documents


Coordination and monitoring of research in accordance with Good Clinical Practices


Recruitment of research participants


Interface work with biology laboratories


Data exploitation and analysis in collaboration with the bio-statistics service


Writing of study reports and scientific publications

Day-to-day quality

Pioneering in the certification ISO 9001 for its quality system, the CIC Cochin-Pasteur has done the pillar of its internal organization from the continuous improvement and satisfaction of its clients.

Concretely, how does it manifest?

Based on the continuous improvement wheel, the CIC has implemented a quality system allowing it to daily ensure the optimal functioning of its organization.

– Re(Act): Analysis, Curative actions, Corrective actions 
– Plan: Aims, Resources, Communicate 
– Do: Process/Activities, Products/Services 
– Check: Measures, Audits, Verifications

Beyond the mere documentation work on all the CIC activities, those are also thoroughly examined: reviews and approvals, external and internal audits, happen and complete different operational meetings. 

The follow-up indicators and the improvement files also fall within the process of surveillance and allow reacting the earlier possible in case of disfunction. 

Other precious sources of improvement, the satisfaction of clients and participants are evaluated systematically. 

The entirety of the system is subject to direction overview, at an annual minimum, in order to establish the global outcome record of the period and set the course for the next year.

Each CIC member is involved in the quality approach and actively participates in its implementation, under the impulse of the Direction and guided by the Management and Quality Manager.

The ISO 9001 in all this?

Being part of quality approach implies an annual audit of the quality system by a third-party independent organism. Based on cycles of 3 years, it is the guarantee that the entirety of the activities is audited and certified conform to the demands of the ISO 9001 norm, which is an international reference in terms of quality management.

This strong investment, as well in time as in resources, vouches for the will of the CIC to satisfy the entirety of stakeholders (clients, participants, partners…). In order to achieve that, it engaged in a process of perpetual reconsideration of its habits, and by doing so ensuring the achievement of its aims and client satisfaction.