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Participant in a trial

Participation in a study at the cIC 1417 and inscription
Authorization on the informatized healthy volunteer FILE (FIV) of the cic 1417

participation at a CIC 1417 study 

If you wish to take part in a study at the CIC 1417, please fill the following information on the form page 2 “form for a healthy volunteer wishing to take part in a CIC1417 study”, as well as the form “inscription authorization into the FIV” page 3 (see details in the next chapter), undependably of your wish to appear, or not, on the FIV list. 

If recruitments are currently taking place, we will recontact you once the forms received. 

If no recruitment of healthy volunteers is currently taking place, or the profile does not match the current study needing recruits, your inscription authorization at the FIC is necessary in order to let us call you back later for another recruitment. 

Information in the informatized healthy volunteer file of the CIC 1417 (FIV)

In order to facilitate the recruitment in clinical trials, the Clinical Investigation Center Cochin-Pasteur 1417 (CIC1417) established an informatized file with the administrative data of volunteer. This file, which was suject to a declaration at the CNIL (National Commission of Informatic Technologies and Civil Liberties), will not be consulted by anyone, but the CIC 1417 staff. 

This file contains administrative data, that you filled-in the form 2 “form for a healthy volunteer wishing to take part in a CIC1417 study”, as below, as well as other information that the CIC will complete and that will concern your prospective/eventual preselection/inclusion in a research. This data, in a recruitment period, will allow us to know quickly if you are available or not, and to have your contact number in order to approach you for an eventual participation. This data will be stored for a maximum of 5 years, or more if you renew your authorization once the delay passed. 

Your inscription does not oblige you to participate in a study and will be offered to you the possibility to decline the ulterior propositions made by the CIC. Nevertheless, if we will not have your authorization, we will not be able to store the information concerning you, and therefore, solicit you during a recruitment period. 

If you accept being registered in the healthy volunteer file of the CIC 1417, please fill-in the following “form for a healthy volunteer wishing to take part in a CIC1417 study”, as well as the “inscription authorization into the FIV” form on the last page. 

We remain available for any further information, please contact us.   

Faithfully yours, 

The CIC 1417 staff

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