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Dr P. Loulergue

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Pr Odile Launay

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An original structure mainly dedicated to vaccine trials

The Clinical Investigation Center in Vaccinology integrated in Biotherapy 505 (CIC BT505) is the only French clinical investigation centre dedicated to vaccinal research.

CIC BT505 was created and certified in 2005 and ranked A, after an evaluation in 2009, for a 4 year period.

Located in on the hospital group of Cochin- Broca-Hotel Dieu, the CIC BT505 benefits from dedicated premises and equipment respecting legal safety requirements.The CIC BT505 functions through a partnership between INSERM, APHP, the Institut Pasteur and the Faculty of Medicine Paris-Descartes.

It is structured around two committees: a scientific committee that assesses the scientific relevance of projects and gives scientific decisions and a technical committee that guarantees the scientific and methodological quality and the safety of the research participants.

The CIC BT505 carries out clinical studies in the context of preventive and therapeutic vaccines. Besides, it promotes the development of new vaccine approaches emerging from fundamental research.

Through its close interaction with the Immunomonitoring mutualised platform (page 3), the CIC BT505 can explore the humoral and cellular immune response.

">photo : F. Terrier
Photo : Fabien Terrier

Privileged collaboration with the Institut Pasteur

Since 2001, a close and functional association has been developed with the Institut Pasteur Paris. This partnership allows the setting up of phase I and II clinical trials with candidate vaccines developed within the Institut Pasteur, against infectious diseases and some types of cancers.

Collaboration has been developed more specifically with the research units lead by Claude Leclerc (Immune Regulation and Vaccinology), Philippe Sansonetti (Molecular Microbial Pathogeny), Frédéric Tanguy (Viral Genomics and Vaccination) and Pierre Driulhe (Biomedical Parasitology).

Several vaccine candidates emerging from the Institut Pasteur's research will be submitted to clinical trials in the near future. We can cite vaccines that could prevent malaria, HIV infection or anthrax, that are developed in Michèle Mock's Toxins and Bacterial Pathogenesis Unit.

Mutualised Vaccinal Immunomonitoring platform

The CIC BT 505 works in partnership with a vaccinal immunomonitoring platform constituted by three laboratories with complementary activities:

  • In Cochin Hospital: platform evaluating the immune response, as a part of the Biomedical Investigation Center, directed by Prof. Frederic Batteux. It is specialized in the exploration of humoral and mucosal immunity.
  • In the European Hospital G. Pompidou: the vaccinal immunomonitoring platform (Prof. Eric Tartour) of the Laboratory of Immunology (Prof. WH Fridman) integrated within the Biomedical Investigation Center, is specialized in the analyses of antitumoral immunity and antigen-specific T lymphocytes response.
  • In the Institut Pasteur Paris: the Antiviral Immunity Biotherapy and Vaccines research unit, lead by Prof. Marie-Lise Gougeon develops innovative exploratory methods of post-vaccination immunity.

The collaboration between CIC BT 505 and these mutualised platforms, specialized in the study vaccinal response, allows the strengthening of the quality of vaccinal research protocols and the development of translational research projects. Thus a variety of innovative immunomonitoring techniques can be submitted in an adapted manner to different clinical protocols in vaccinology.


CIC Cochin Pasteur (CIC 1417)
Bâtiment Lavoisier
Groupe Hospitalier Cochin/Broca/Hôtel Dieu
27 rue du Faubourg St Jacques
75679 Paris cedex 14
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